Surface Treatments


The treatment of wagon surfaces includes pre-cleaning before the application of a new coating and procedures for removing corrosion, dirt, and all product residue. We use various blasting media, with the choice depending on the type of treatment required. The grain size distribution, which can result in a surface roughness ranging from extremely fine to coarse, also depends on the surface and its requirements.

For steel containers, we offer blasting of the container interior and exterior. According to requirements and customer specifications, we can use the following blasting materials:

  • Sabacalier
  • Testral
  • Lava

To ensure the durability of the coating, the surface of a wagon must first be prepared properly in accordance with the type of use of the wagon.


Corrosion Protection and Painting

We can not only ensure that your wagon is in good working order but also that it looks the way you want it to. We can offer various services to achieve this, ranging from renewal of official railway labeling and external cleaning all the way to a complete new coat of paint – all with the briefest of standing times.

At Waggonwerk Brühl, we actively promote environmental protection and awareness, as these are very important to us. For this reason, we have switched to using environmentally friendly, water-based two-component coatings for corrosion protection.